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Evertus brings you SkillBox – a global educational platform that lets you learn without limits. You can read, watch, play and discover with the world’s newest e-learning app.

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A World At Your Fingertips

Tap into a wealth of high-quality courses that can teach you everything you want to know. With SkillBox, you can:


Get College Ready

SATs, ACTs, OMG! College can be overwhelming, but SkillBox will help you master your modules in no time.

Build Beautiful Platforms

From visually stunning websites and user-friendly apps, to exciting games and platforms, we’ll show you how to do it all… and do it well.

Fast-Track Your Career

Choose from Adobe Creative, Microsoft, Apache OpenOffice, Apple iWork, and more incredible software suites!

Skyrocket Your Skillsets

Bring out your inner artist, chef, polyglot, musician, or designer with an e-learning platform that puts you first.

Fast, Simple and Affordable Learning

Sometimes, the things we learn actually do seem like rocket science! SkillBox turns even the most complex of topics into easy-to-follow, affordable courses that clearly guide you through everything you need to know without costing a fortune.

Making Learning Accessible

Your smartphone opens you up to a new world of opportunities, news, and resources that relate to the things you want to learn. Access them all in a consistent, high-quality and affordable way!

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Effective E-Learning Means:

Speed, Efficiency And Accuracy

Every single thing that you learn is relevant, concise and ready to be applied to your daily life or career.


Your learning platform should be breaking down the walls around quality education, not putting more up. Access high-quality educational courses for less!

Quality Control

With SkillBox, we’ll give you access to courses that not only cover exactly what you need to know, but are actually fun to watch and listen to.

Choose SkillBox Today

Learning In The Fast-Lane

With SkillBox, you get unlimited access to short and concise 2.5 minute videos that each cover a unique concept you’re learning more about without overwhelming or boring you.

Value In Every Mobile-Friendly Video

Access to them all for as little as $6.89 per month. We guarantee that each video is of the highest caliber and quality as the next.

Consistent Quality

Our certified instructors and trained professionals are ready and waiting to create more courses that are all pre-approved before being listed on our platform.

SkillBox, E-Learning Done Right

SkillBox is a learning platform that is fast, simple, and consistent in format. SkillBox gives anyone the ability to conquer any skill or master any subject – all while being packaged in an affordable, modern, mobile-friendly App.

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SkillBox is made for you

Need to study for a test? Ready to learn a new skill? Wanting to improve your knowledge for your new job? We make understanding any subject or skill fast, simple, and easy. All of our courses are set from beginner, intermediate, and advanced to take you from novice to expert – all within the comfort of your phone. 

SkillBox is limitless

Language learning

Been wanting to learn Chinese to impress your classmates? Or perhaps learning Spanish to help you get around Barcelona? No matter the situation, we got you covered.


Ready to start your coding career? Maybe you just want to learn how to build your own website? Whether Java, Python, HTML, or Javascript, we got you covered.

Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Need a crash course on Excel for that new job you applied for? Want to polish your Powerpoint skills to impress your boss. If you are looking to be better equipped in the industry, we got you covered.

Life Skills

Been wanting to set your finances straight but don't know how? Learning how to whip up new dishes for that weekend potluck? If lifelong learning is what you are looking for, we got you covered.

Academics and the Arts

Need extra material to prepare for your chemistry finals? Want to immerse yourself in art history over the summer break? Regardless if for school or for home, we got you covered.

...and so much more!

SkillBox is always expanding its library of courses. With SkillBox, you will find the ability to learn almost everything.

We Do Better Online Learning

No more overpriced E-learning platforms like Coursera or Linkedin learning costing between $400 a year to $30 a month. No more single pay courses cutting off access to the rest of the content in a library like Udemy does. No more low quality, inconsistent, copied from youtube content like you find on SkillShare. With SkillBox we bring better quality learning in a fast, simple, and consistent format no matter the subject or course. 

The Concept Behind SkillBox

The concept behind SkillBox is to get you the information you need in a fast, simple, and consistent way, no matter which subject or class you’re learning. Consistency is expected from the street signs you see every day to how your phone loads apps, we all expect these things to produce predictable and reliable results. With SkillBox we bring this to education. SkillBox delivers all information to you in a consistent quality, presentation, and format no matter the field of study. 

How SkillBox Works

Vertical videos

All course videos are made in vertical aspect ratio to work with your phone or tablet screen real-estate. You no longer need to turn your phone horizontally after navigating to your course, just dive right into learning!

2:30 Max video length

Each individual video does not exceed 2.5 minutes in length. This means you get a clear, concise, fast video that covers the exact information you want in a timely manner.

30 Videos Max

Each course is limited to a maximum of 30 videos to keep each course clear and focused on the subject you are mastering.

Beginner to advanced

Each class goes from beginner to advanced. This means each course will be geared towards either beginner, intermediate, or expert levels. You can go from novice to master on any subject!

Tests and quizzes

Each course regardless of size has a minimum of 2 optional quizzes and 1 optional final test, this gives you the opportunity to study for tests and see how much you have learned!


Optimized for Slow Networks

SkillBox uses state of the art CND for its content delivery and hence it is optimized for slower internet connection and works flawlessly with a connection speed of 512Kbps and above.

Optimized for Budget Phones

SkillBox is made with low-end phones in mind. Regardless of whether you have a budget phone or the latest tech, SkillBox works great for any device - all thanks to its highly optimized code and excellent RAM management.

Offline Course Downloads

We know that getting a stable internet connection is a challenge in some parts of the world, hence why we tailored SkillBox to tackle this challenge by making it possible to download videos whenever you have a stable internet connection.

Live Classes

With SkillBox you can post comments on courses, have meaningful Interactions with tutors, live Q&A with instructors for more impactful learning.

Quizzes, Tests and Exams

With SkillBox you can test your newfound knowledge because you know what they say? Practice makes perfect! With SkillBox, you'll get all the practice you need to obtain mastery over your skills.

E-Certificates to add to portfolio

Want to prove your newly learned skill to a potential employer? Or maybe just want to show off that you're a certified wine taster? With SkillBox you can! We'll provide you with an E-Certificate for every course you complete, allowing you to showcase your achievements on all popular social and professional media platforms.

Put this together and you get SkillBox

With content being vetted for quality, fast focused videos making up a course, a consistent format for every subject, and an affordable price. SkillBox makes learning what it should be - Accessible, Efficient, Affordable, and simply better.

How much will skillbox cost?

No more $400 a year subscriptions from Coursera and no more $30 monthly subscriptions from Linkedin Learning. SkillBox has Two simple subscriptions to choose from, with no complications.



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