Modernize your university with a class leading LMS.

EvertusLMS is state-of-the-art software for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational content.

Education 5.0 ready

Evertus is taking education to the next level for students and teachers with a focus on critical thinking, community, self motivated learning, more ways to engage with educational material digitally, promoting a passion for learning, and developing social skills. Evertus is brining enthusiasm and love for education back with a platform that fosters a more human learning experience.

Outcome based learning focused

EvertusLMS uses many cutting-edge technologies to better define educational goals for teachers and students alike. Using µCal, Rubrics, syllabuses, quizzes, and Skillbox we make Outcome-Based learning possible with clear expectations for which skills and mastery students will be able to perform. EvertusLMS is designed to prepare students for future careers and industry needs with a clear path to employment based on the skills they will learn.

Manage your classes on any device from anywhere around the world!

Digitally grade student projects and assignments in one connected platform!

All in one automated attendance management system with OTP and manual options!

Set future events and updates on our interactive calendar (μCal) which notifies students and teachers on upcoming events via SMS, email or app notification.

Evertus LMS has built in live class with whiteboard capabilities for professors to draw or write on their desktop, or blank a screen while teaching students. As well as providing two way interaction between students and teachers.

Receive or send text messages, video or voice messages to your class/other students securely through the LMS.

Quiz maker allows you to make quick quizzes as well as full exams alike with automatic grading and submission upon completion.

Group students for class or projects and have grades automatically post for each student in a group.

Make full modules with videos, text, files, due dates, and time limits which automatically notifies students.

Bring your university into the 21st century with technology that organizes and keeps records in an easy to enter and read format packaged in one place!

EvertusLMS has the most robust security of any LMS on the market with 256-Bit encryption, access keys for administrators, end-to-end encrypted messaging with UniConnect, running on secure servers. In addition, Evertus is developing 512bit defensive grade encryption for future use.

Data backup and redundancy are kept to make sure no university file is ever lost, no matter what! No file will ever be lost no matter how old or insignificant.

Digital meetings with professors and staff for important updates or training communications.

Students Get A Modern State Of The Art Learning Experience

Students have 24/7 access to all of their class study materials in one place.

Easy to use with "LMS Tutorials" always handy and there to answer all your burning questions 24/7

Students attend live classes by just logging into their account, no more links or emails needed.

Cataloged previous live classes and course videos are available at any time for students.

Remotely updates and account anytime a new assignment is due or when a class is active.

Stay up to date with real time class data metrics and scores.

Students get an interactive calendar which shows upcoming assignments, classes, and previous attendance.

Group projects made easy with group posting and collaboration features.

Take digital quizzes on their phones or computers directly from their professor.

Live classes with notes, quizzes, and additional study materials for students.

Mobile App with all the features of the web-version makes it easy and convenient for students to study anytime, anywhere!

Students can easily submit an assignment by just taking a photo, and it'll be automatically be converted into text (PDF, Word, PPT etc).

Benefits Of Working With Evertus

We have you covered with technical support, Setup, and Installation.

A new built LMS from the ground up means if you have a feature you're looking for we can make it.

we offer different features and packages at different prices to accommodate your universities needs.

We set up everything, from integrating into your school website to setting up admin controls we got you covered.

It's not your university if it's not your university logos and colors. We custom make the design of our LMS to match your universities aesthetics.