Our Mission

At Evertus, we are set out to improve Accessibility, Quality, Affordability, and Efficiency in learning. Learning should be something that is consistent in allowing anyone to pick up any skill with no previous experience in a fast and simple way. Our purpose is to make a more consistent quality and format in learning for everyone - regardless of language, education level, income, time, or location. At the same time we will lift up educators from all over the world directly by giving them a platform and format to reach more people while making an income. We will use this improved way of learning to invigorate a passion for education world wide, and we are going to bring this in a package that works from the comfort of your phone.

Who are we?

We are a diverse team of people from all over the world that has a passion for building and creating education technologies. We come from all walks of life from logistics to IT, but we are unified by our passioning for making education better.

Meet The Team


Founder / CEO

Hello! I’m Raunak, The creator of SkillBox and the founder of Evertus. For 7 years, I have worked within the IT industry. My work and expertise has taken me around the world, giving me the opportunity to tackle different job positions and work with diverse teams. I have a deep passion for creating solutions to problems that needs to be solved in a fun and intuitive way! Being able to engage people and guide them in their learning journey is one of my strengths, and therefore one of the most fulfilling experiences during my time in the industry. With SkillBox, I can take my passion for education and make it fun! 

Hello! I am John, a co-founder and the acting head project director.  Over the past 4 years, I have held a career in logistics as a mentor and teacher. Being able to walk new people through my industry through complex problems and obstacles is one of my greatest joys in life. The experience of being a mentor through careful articulation and structured hands on learning allowed me to show my students how to overcome challenges, ranging from financial well being to time management and everything in between. To me, SkillBox is a way to continue building my passion for teaching. With SkillBox, I believe we have the opportunity to make education better by building a more structured and easy to follow method of learning. 


Co-founder / CFO


Co-founder / COO

Greetings! I am Rahul, one of the co-founders of Evertus, and responsible for talent acquisitions in the team. I have a deep passion for IT, and am currently pursuing my degree in IT at James Cook University, Singapore (JCU). I have a knack for software development. Not only that, I also volunteered as a mathematics teacher in India. My experiences made me aware of the progress that needs to be made with the current E-learning tools out in the market. With Skillbox, I believe we can be the solution to creating an efficient, more accessible educational platform. 


Hello! I’m Ted, a Co-Founder of Evertus. I am a performer, graduating from the School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) in Music and currently studying at the National University of Singapore (NUS). I have years of experience touching the lives of people through my voice and creative process. As an artist, learning has always been a lifelong passion for me, and a platform where we can impact people through education has always resonated with me. With SkillBox, can we create the new face of learning! 


Hey there! I am Sean, one of the co-founders of Evertus, and am in charge of vetting course content. I have a passion in both the arts and IT, having graduated from School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) with a specialisation in Visual Arts and currently pursuing my degree in IT at James Cook University, Singapore (JCU). My deep experience in the arts and my newfound knowledge in IT, allows me to work with our content creators and make the aesthetic choices that make courses in SkillBox engaging and intuitive. With SkillBox, I believe we have the power to further education!

Where are we located?

We are based in Singapore

We are headquartered in Singapore, but our team is from all over the world including the United States, Italy, India and more!