Evertus is a global education company providing education technologies to universities, corporations, and students across the globe. Evertus Brings Education Into The 21st Century.

Evertus LMS

With our Learning Management System (LMS) platform we bring you state of the art learning tech to your university and professors, we give you the tools to manage your classes from anywhere in a simple and class leading modern way.


Modern, Advanced, and Simple

All in one platform that connects students and teachers in real-time. We bring you the ability to grade, manage attendance, Host live classes, make quizzes, and notify students through their phones all from the comfort of your phone or computer.

LMS Made For The 21st Century

We bring Learning Management systems into the 21st century with a fresh, simple, and modern design which does not copy other Learning Management Systems. We build systems that give your university the ability to perform all essential tasks right from the professors phone, tablet, or computer.



With our E-Learning platform SkillBox, tap into a wealth of high-quality bite-sized courses that can teach you everything you want to know.

Fast, Simple, and Smart Learning

Sometimes, the things we learn actually do seem like rocket science! SkillBox turns even the most complex of topics into easy-to-follow, engaging courses that clearly guide you through everything you need to know without costing a fortune.

Learn as you should in the 21st century, from the comfort go your phone

Your smartphone opens you up to a new world of opportunities, news, and resources that relate to the things you want to learn. Access them all in a consistent, high-quality and engaging way!

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